Let's have a coffee date!

I want to get to know you and your passions. I would love to meet you for coffee. Even if you don't live in the Livingston County area, I would love to meet you over a virtual coffee date. I want to know what makes you happy and what makes you thrive. Let's meet at encourage each other to push for our goals and businesses. Together we can make a difference in our world. We can create a community to help each other pursue are dreams. 

Head on over to the contact page and send me a message about you. If you are in the Livingston County area lets meet!

The Key Project is planning some new products and services. I want to know what you want to hear from us. We want to be more involved in the community and would love for you to be apart of the voice for the voiceless. 

Two Weeks Later

It has been two weeks since our Breaking Free event. Although I am behind schedule with posting about the event. I have been reminiscing how successful our event was. If you came and saw the number of people that were there, it may not have been numbers that were astounding, but it was an intimate time of fellowship. The people that came were the ones that wanted to make a difference and learn how to make an impact in the community. 

Human trafficking is a hard topic to discuss. No one wants to listen about it for too long. It is heavy and you start to feel as though you have no way to fight the ever growing darkness that is lurking with it. There are ways you can fight human trafficking. You can make a difference in the community. We want to show you that everyone is capable of defending freedom. 

As we look back at our event from two weeks ago, we see how much we have accomplished, but there is so much more to be done. We still are working everyday to find new roads and new ways to bring freedom to those still enslaved. Will you join us?


Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. We could not have done it without you. All the volunteers who spent countless hours every week and Proper Cup with The Well Church for providing an excellent space for us to raise awareness. 

We are already working on another project! Want in? Contact us!

Join Us This Summer!

Do you want to be apart of bringing freedom to people? We are looking for people to volunteer with us! We have three opportunities for you to join us. We are planning a fundraiser for the The Key Project in July, starting a Mentorship Program for the women at Aliyah's House and lastly, become a prayer warrior. 

For our Fundraiser, we are collaborating with the two organizations that we partner with, Heavenly Hope International and Aliyah's House. This event will be focusing on the different forms of trafficking and giving visual aid for people to see the reality of it. If you would like to join us, contact us! By joining us we can create a movement for people to get behind. You will be asked to help with research, using your creativity, and some of your time over the next two months. 

The only way we can end modern day slavery is shining a light on the issues. During our event people will be able to know the issues and how to fight against them. Contact us for more details!

The date of the event is July 15th, 2017

Time 6pm-9pm

Location: Proper Cup Coffee Bar 


Second opportunity to volunteer is our- 

If you are a dedicated individual who wants to see people thriving and are interested in working one on one with the women of Aliyah's House, we would love for you to join our Mentorship Program. This program is designed to create a community for these women to share stories and connect with others in the community. The beginning of the mentorship will be writing letters to the woman you have been partnered with; it all starts with trust and commitment. 


Fill out our application to become a mentor

Meet with Mariah McDonald and/or Priscilla Knight for a short interview

We would love for you to join us buy encouraging the women of Aliyah's House in their faith, family, and future. 




We know that sometimes it can be hard to be available to volunteer time and money to be apart of everything that is happening. We need people to pray for outreaches, Aliyah's House, and events that we are hosting. If you would like to join us by praying, please due so. 

Many say that we cannot change the world, but I disagree. I believe we can change the world for one person and then slowly, we are changing the world. Together are can pursue freedom for those enslaved, bring awareness to our community, and change the world. 

If any of these volunteer options are calling to you, contact us!

Spring Clean Out Your Closet!

We are collecting clothing for Aliyah's House! When women come to the house they don't always have clothes with them. Having clothes available for them when they arrive allows them to start fresh with everything. 

If you are interested in helping out, please donate new or gently used clothing. We will have a box at the Proper Cup Coffee Bar in Brighton available for you to do easy drop off. Please feel free to donate any other house hold items you feel encouraged to supply.


Any type of clothing helps. If you need help with your donations or you have questions, contact us! We are extremely grateful for those willing to serve!

Our Reflection

A year ago, Priscilla Knight, Dayna Muhleck, and I decided we had to help in the fight against human trafficking. We wanted to get into the community and give people tools to end modern day slavery. We talked about how we all have God-given gifts that we could use to unlock freedom for those still wrapped up in bondage. Although there are so many ways to help those in captivity, we realized that the community needed ideas in order to reach out to those around them. People need encouragement to know that they can fight against human trafficking. To know that any way that they can and do help makes a difference.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the fact that there is an tremendous amount to be done. We find that Satan tells us lies that keep us frozen in fear. Our fear consumes all hope that anything we do will make an impact, to the point where we do nothing. But when we nothing, sin continues to thrive. The three of us weren't sure how this organization would take off or what exactly God had planned for it. We gave ourselves a year to figure out where we were suppose to go. 

SO, a year later, after starting The Key Project, we wanted to reach out and share who we are and why we became activists fighting against human trafficking. We hope this encourages you to fight along side us in the battle. Here we go!

Left to right: Priscilla Knight, Mariah McDonald, and Dayna Muhleck

Mariah McDonald-

I started learning about human trafficking when I was in high school. I was learning about all these injustices that happen in our own community. I hated the thought that people would take advantage of the vulnerable. Especially children, the most vulnerable of them all. I knew I had to do something about this. I couldn't sit here and read about what was going on. I wanted to fight for the voiceless and show those trapped they are worthy of freedom. I went to Madonna University because I felt the Lord’s direction to start my own nonprofit. I went into Interdisciplinary Studies that focused on fighting against human trafficking. I am extremely passionate about setting those free that are enslaved. Since trafficking effects every part of our society and it is not an issue that is most common; it becomes a community issue. I always felt the Lord calling me to work in my community because mission work can be found right where you are. The problem with Livingston County is they don't want to acknowledge the poverty, homelessness, and the drug problems here. This is why there is a need for people to become informed and to be active alongside the community. I wanted to start The Key Project as a way to get people more involved. That together we can stop this horrible, disgusting crime. The Key Project is a way for you to have the tools needed to fight.  "Is this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?" Isaiah 58:6

Priscilla Knight-

I first heard about human trafficking when I was in high school. Before learning about human trafficking, I had only known what I had briefly come in contact with in movies and shows. In entertainments example of sex trafficking, it was always shown as a chosen lifestyle. They rarely presented the individuals in a true light, that they were victims, taken advantage of, manipulated and abused. Sometimes the movie industry would even jazz it up to look glamorous. After expanding my knowledge on the subject, I have come to despise the common stigma that is generally associated with sex trafficking. After first hearing of the true horrors of human trafficking, I was furious with the fact that human beings could do such disturbing things to another. Over the years, I have strived to constantly expand my knowledge of the human trafficking world and share my passion and understanding of it with others. My main focus for being a part of starting The Key Project was to help educate others in the truths of human trafficking and how to fight it. I have always had a burning passion to fight for anyone who was oppressed and beaten-down. My calling is to stand up without hesitation for those who are unable to defend themselves. My heart is consumed with a desire to know and love the broken, to have the ability to show even a sliver of God’s perfect love through my very inadequate love. "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3

Dayna Muhleck-

The moment I first heard about human trafficking in my high school years, my heart broke in grief over the tragedy of this practice.  It’s beyond my comprehension to think that slavery today still exists and in such a secretive and deceptive way that not only exploits the physical labor of the individual being trafficked, but also corrupts their dignity to where they are perceived as shameful instead of valuable. With knowledge comes responsibility, but not every need is a call. The Lord specifically burdened my heart with the grief of human trafficking.  I have faith that all victims will be ransomed and justified by Christ when He returns. I believe that He is near and will heal their wounds; however, I also believe that God doesn’t want me to sit by idly and watch the slave trade industry grow. What exactly is it that God wants me to do, though?  I ask that question in present tense, because He still is guiding me in the way He would have me go to defend the cause of the voiceless.  The biggest role He is developing in me is to be a voice through prayer. "Pray without ceasing" 1 Thess. 5:17. Why pray?  JESUS PRAYED.  He set that example.  If He prayed, then all the more reason for me to never cease praying. Another role is to use my heart’s passion for deep relational communication, to speak truth and pray that in some way truth will further inspire meaning and value in individual’s lives.  I believe that truth is from Christ and that we can find the fullness of our identities (meaning, value, etc.) in Him. When Mariah approached me with the Lord’s inspiration for the Key Project, He tugged at my heartstrings. There is a need, not just overseas, but RIGHT HERE, in our community, for more defense and more safe havens for trafficked victims.  What could we do to support existing causes, support causes that keep lives off the streets, and support further causes that fight the slave trade?  THE KEY PROJECT. 


When we first started, we related the issue of human trafficking as a battle. We were ready to arm ourselves with the weapons to fight. We wanted to give others the tools to join us while we ended slavery. Our hearts were focused on giving the voice to the voiceless. "O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the dark may strike terror no more" Psalm 10:17-18. As we heard the cry for justice in our communities, we did not want to go without the Lord leading our way. We understood how Moses felt when God called him to lead the Jews to freedom. Our mission is to constantly bring glory to the Lord while we fight for the freedom of others. 

Here we are a year later. We have more passion about working in our community. We see the need for more safe houses and more relationships with those who need freedom and those on the road of recovery. They need to see they are made wonderfully in the image of God. He has a purpose for them outside of slavery. Will you suit up and join us in the battle? Be a part of being the voice for those enslaved. Show these people held captive that they are loved and worthy of freedom. We have new ideas and projects ahead in the next few weeks. Do you want to become a warrior with us? 

"We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible...  so we will do it anyways."

- William Wilberforce 




Aliyah's House Fundraiser

We are completely blessed to have been able to promote and support Aliyah's House; a local safe house in Livingston County. We told ourselves that if we get 10 people to come to our event, we reached 10 people that will learn about trafficking and learned that they are able to fight against injustices in our own community. We prayed for the event to be what the Lord would like it to be and the Proper Cup was packed. We were blown away by the amount of people that came to support this movement to fight against human trafficking. We raised $474.19 for Aliyah's House. We did not expect anything like that. When the Lord moves, He moves big!

Thank you to all those who came out and donated! We had amazing artists that displayed wonderful artwork. We wanted to show that regardless what your passionate about from painting, drawing, photography, and and all other types of hobbies YOU can fight trafficking.

For more beautiful and professional photography from the He freed me event, check out: http://elindauerphoto.com

We Present:


He freed me Event!

January 20th, we are presenting a fundraiser event for our local safe house- Aliyah's House. It's an open mic night and art gallery. This event is free and the coffee is amazing!

Time: 7-9pm

Where: Proper Cup


Come learn how you can fight against trafficking in your own community. We will have the founder of Aliyah's House there to share testimonies and stories of the house. We will have local art to admire and product to buy that benefits the house. We would love for you to join us! You can be the key to freedom for someone in our community. Come see how you can use your talents and gifts to end injustices in Livingston County.

November's Organization

Let me introduce: Get Ahead Stay Ahead Project! Also known as: GASA Project

I had the pleasure to meet and work with a new nonprofit a few weeks ago. I fell in love with their initiative to work with Detroit students on communication skills. They have a passion to help and inspire people to push forward towards his or her dream.

Their Mission Statement: To provide students with communication distribution skills to bridge the gap between ideas and promotion in media to get ahead and stay ahead in their desired field.

Both Co-Founders, Erica and Kyle, both are graduates from Madonna University. Erica graduated with a Journalism and Public Relations degree and Kyle graduated with Broadcasting and Cinema Arts Degrees. They took their love of creating to the streets to help inner city kids work towards communication. They started a project called- Get Ahead Stay Ahead. I love the idea behind giving kids the ability to speak for themselves and push for a more positive life. Learning decisive communications skills will give kids the confidence they need to move towards their goals. How do you connect and reach out to people who can give you the tools you need for your future if you don't know how to convey what you want from life?

They recently talked to me about how they wanted to reach young women in safe houses to help promote positive self esteem. They understand that the one of the ways to break the cycle insecurities that women go through is to help them create. By breaking this cycle it will start the process of ending negative thinking which will lead to a new road of living. She can walk away from a safe house with something she created and a new vision for her life.

I love this idea because the a way to assist a woman coming out of a life that is abusive is to show them they are worth so much more then the life they left behind. They can allow themselves to create and reach for a goal that maybe she never thought she could achieve. This is an outlet to let her communicate and process what happened to her.

Do you like film and the arts? Get involved with this awesome nonprofit in Detroit.

Check out their projects:

Conner Capuchin Soup Kitchen: Rosa Parks Children and Youth Program.

Hype- Detroit Public Library Teen Center

Contact: http://www.gasaproject.com

Write them at: gasaproject@gmail.com for volunteer opportunities

Check them out on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


October Event

Hey Everyone!

Get ready! This month we are supporting a Freedom Weekend Event in Livingston County! This is a weekend to prompt you to see how you can fight against human trafficking. This is a great way to help you find your area of interest, when it comes to fighting for freedom. There are so many areas to work and fight for. People find it overwhelming and tend to freeze. This causes people to never move forward to take action against human trafficking. We want to assist you in finding your place in fighting against this injustice in the community.

Join us October 15-16th weekend! We are ready, are you?


July's Organization at a Glance

I decided to sponsor Heavenly Hope International again, in July. They recently started a new segment in their outreach. This means they need to expand all their purchases every single week. They started doing strip club outreach, on the off week from street outreach. Strip club outreach means they go and love on the girls stuck inside the clubs. This helps them see they have worth and are cared for.

There is a donation list on the Take Action page that has a variety of product you can donate to HHI. They make a huge impact every week. If there is a separate donation you would like to make, please contact me and we can figure out a way for you to help.

A group of high school aged boys donated handmade bags that turn into blankets. HHI was beyond blessed with this donation. If you have an idea or want to be creative, let me know!

You can be apart of the fight for freedom! Every little action makes a huge impact.

Heavenly Hope International Contact: http://heavenlyhopeinternational.org/

May's Organization at a Glance

This Month's organization is a new nonprofit that is dear to my heart because it is the organization that I helped establish back in 2014. A group of us who attend Cornerstone EPC felt the need to stand up to human trafficking. Over the past two years, we have took a stand in Livingston County raising awareness about human trafficking.

We started to partner with Grace Centers of Hope and building a community garden to bring in fresh produce to the families staying in Pontiac.

We also partner with Aliyah's House to engage with and love on the women staying there. We provide different needs and a "girls night in" to bring back the joy these women have lost over the years.

We started working within the community of Livingston County on Saturday's during the Summer. We set up a table at the Brighton Farmers Market to raise awareness to the Brighton Community.

LCAP is very committed to rescuing victims throughout Michigan. We started the Label Project that puts the human trafficking hotline number in rest areas. This will help those traveling and are in need of rescuing. 

Livingston County Abolitionists Project has new projects and ways to help if you are interested in doing more with them. Check them out at the Take Action tab and learn ways to fight against human trafficking.


March/April's Organization at a Glance

Yesterday, March 19th, was our second gathering at my house. We made candles to shed a light on human trafficking. The proceeds went to Heavenly Hope International. We had Heidi from HHI come out and speak about what they do and how they help. We were able to walk away with ideas of how to help to them, plus the knowledge of showing up and making a candle supported their efforts to end sex trafficking.

Heavenly Hope is an organization that heads out on the streets every other week to do street out reach. They call it Concrete Roses. They give roses to the women who are walking the streets. This gives them a reason to go up and chat with them, by handing them a rose they learn their name and how to pray for her. In addition to the roses, they ask what other needs they are seeking and they try to provide with as much as they can. This is to show these women they have a name and face worthy to be loved and cared for. 

If you would like to know how to help Heavenly Hope International go the the Take Action page and learn how!

-Mariah Morozow