November's Organization

Let me introduce: Get Ahead Stay Ahead Project! Also known as: GASA Project

I had the pleasure to meet and work with a new nonprofit a few weeks ago. I fell in love with their initiative to work with Detroit students on communication skills. They have a passion to help and inspire people to push forward towards his or her dream.

Their Mission Statement: To provide students with communication distribution skills to bridge the gap between ideas and promotion in media to get ahead and stay ahead in their desired field.

Both Co-Founders, Erica and Kyle, both are graduates from Madonna University. Erica graduated with a Journalism and Public Relations degree and Kyle graduated with Broadcasting and Cinema Arts Degrees. They took their love of creating to the streets to help inner city kids work towards communication. They started a project called- Get Ahead Stay Ahead. I love the idea behind giving kids the ability to speak for themselves and push for a more positive life. Learning decisive communications skills will give kids the confidence they need to move towards their goals. How do you connect and reach out to people who can give you the tools you need for your future if you don't know how to convey what you want from life?

They recently talked to me about how they wanted to reach young women in safe houses to help promote positive self esteem. They understand that the one of the ways to break the cycle insecurities that women go through is to help them create. By breaking this cycle it will start the process of ending negative thinking which will lead to a new road of living. She can walk away from a safe house with something she created and a new vision for her life.

I love this idea because the a way to assist a woman coming out of a life that is abusive is to show them they are worth so much more then the life they left behind. They can allow themselves to create and reach for a goal that maybe she never thought she could achieve. This is an outlet to let her communicate and process what happened to her.

Do you like film and the arts? Get involved with this awesome nonprofit in Detroit.

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Write them at: for volunteer opportunities

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