March/April's Organization at a Glance

Yesterday, March 19th, was our second gathering at my house. We made candles to shed a light on human trafficking. The proceeds went to Heavenly Hope International. We had Heidi from HHI come out and speak about what they do and how they help. We were able to walk away with ideas of how to help to them, plus the knowledge of showing up and making a candle supported their efforts to end sex trafficking.

Heavenly Hope is an organization that heads out on the streets every other week to do street out reach. They call it Concrete Roses. They give roses to the women who are walking the streets. This gives them a reason to go up and chat with them, by handing them a rose they learn their name and how to pray for her. In addition to the roses, they ask what other needs they are seeking and they try to provide with as much as they can. This is to show these women they have a name and face worthy to be loved and cared for. 

If you would like to know how to help Heavenly Hope International go the the Take Action page and learn how!

-Mariah Morozow