Aliyah's House Fundraiser

We are completely blessed to have been able to promote and support Aliyah's House; a local safe house in Livingston County. We told ourselves that if we get 10 people to come to our event, we reached 10 people that will learn about trafficking and learned that they are able to fight against injustices in our own community. We prayed for the event to be what the Lord would like it to be and the Proper Cup was packed. We were blown away by the amount of people that came to support this movement to fight against human trafficking. We raised $474.19 for Aliyah's House. We did not expect anything like that. When the Lord moves, He moves big!

Thank you to all those who came out and donated! We had amazing artists that displayed wonderful artwork. We wanted to show that regardless what your passionate about from painting, drawing, photography, and and all other types of hobbies YOU can fight trafficking.

For more beautiful and professional photography from the He freed me event, check out: