11 ways to Unlock Freedom

1. Pray
Pray everyday for those enslaved. That means the victims, but include the pimps and the johns. They are all trapped in a life that is enslaving and they need to be freed.
2. Join a Community Group
Groups always need more help with different events and ideas. They will keep you informed with what is going on in your city.
3. Be a Voice
Be Her voice. Raise awareness on this issue and show your community what human trafficking looks like. Help others also see the signs of a victim. Be the voice of the voiceless.
4. Write
Write to those in office explaining the issues and the demand for more help. You can get personal and write encouragement letters to survivors to help them along the road of recovery. A huge encouragement is needed to help the girls off the street.
5. Donate Products
Give personal hygiene products, food, and clothing to the local community groups. They need support in helping rescue women off the streets and in recovery.
6. Get Crafty
Make something unique to raise awareness. For example, add a key into your daily outfit for people to ask about. Use your imagination to help show the world that human trafficking is a problem. You can even craft with survivors to help them sell products to sustain themselves and their children.
7. Shop Ethically
Be aware of companies who force slave-like condition on their employees. By shopping fair trade or ethically made products, you are supporting people who can provide for their families with dignity.
8. Host a Gathering
Get some friends together to spread awareness about trafficking. This can include hosting a fair trade party with beautiful, hand-made product. You can also request a guest speaker to share stories and other ways to impact the community.
9. Donate Your Time
Volunteer with groups who are actively making a difference. You can make lunches, hygiene kits, and crafts to sell at the farmers market. You can volunteer at homeless shelters, churches, women shelters, and other community outreach programs.
10. Be Educated
The best way to start is to be knowledgeable about this topic. Do you know the signs of someone being trafficked? Once you know what to look for and what trafficking is, you can educate the community what needs to be done.
11. Fundraise
You can help local groups financially. They are always in need of gas cards, food, personal hygiene products, and clothing. By supporting a group financially you are supporting the rescue of victims and the recovery of survivors.
If any of these interest you, please contact me and I can help you get started. The only way to end human trafficking is if we all work together and make a difference.