The Key Project started in January 2016 when we decided to start a movement in helping our communities take action against human trafficking. This website is a tool for you to use as a guide on how you can get active in your community. The Key Project is here to give people tangible ways to fight back and be aware of what is happening around us.


The Key Project's mission is to fight against captivity in our own community. Foremost, this is done by raising awareness about human trafficking, educating in prevention, and building support for our local safe houses. We strive to empower men, women, and children to live free from slavery. The Key Project works to create volunteer opportunities and encourages the local communities to be involved on an international level. 


Our vision is to end modern day slavery in our own communities. We know that when we all work together incredible things happen. Our vision is to encourage you to use your talents and resources to fight against the injustices in our neighborhood.

The Key Project is a way for people to help unlock freedom for those enslaved in modern day slavery.

If you would like to join us, email us!